A Journey Into Eternity

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A Journey Into Eternity: Focus on Sirali Impex

Narayan, Sarika

Recognizing the role traditional handlooms and designs play in contemporary fashion, we have over the past months initiated a series of interviews with fashion designers. In this interview we do away with the question and answer format to allow two designers to answer our concerns by weaving the story of their interaction and collaboration with the traditional crafts.
SPOTLIGHT ON SIRALI IMPEX "Sirali", or the plume on a peacocks head, holds more than its meaning in the ancient text of Sanskrit, it is an epitome of attraction, a thing of beauty, an expression of the inner self.A brain child of Rahul Jain and Gunjan Arora,"Sirali" stands for their creative capabilities. With Rahul's inclination to the art forms of Cinema , classical Dance along side his MBA Degree and Gunjan's background of Fashion studies from NIFT , Delhi and years of experience of developing innovative styles , the focus has always been to create a spectacular and a well priced design.The philosophy goes hand in hand with the bent of specialization of its creators. With extensive understanding and use of innovative tie-dyes layered with textures and relief embroideries, the design stands out as a collective statement of ideas and yet saying the same prose. Color is used as an underplay to enhance the techniques.
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