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Majumdar, Minhazz

The Poetics and Politics of Indian Folk and Tribal Art

Issue #005, Summer, 2020                                                                       ISSN: 2581- 9410

  Art@Anangpur celebrates the magnificence of the indigenous folk and tribal cultures of India in an iconic setting, the Anangpur Building Centre. It is a dream project based on three decades of my work trying to preserve, document and promote folk and tribal cultures. Our goal is to promote the artists and craftspeople of India who with their skills, imagination and inherited lore have created amazing works. We are committed to ensuring they do not remain the “nameless, faceless carriers of tradition” but are acknowledged and respected as artists in their own right. So what exactly is Art@Anangpur? We are part of a larger non-profit that works to generate livelihood for marginalised communities. Art@Anangpur has been envisaged as a gateway into the amazing world of folk and tribal cultures with its rich treasure chest of unique praxis, stories, and arts and crafts. We have an art gallery, a library, a performance arena, workshop spaces and classrooms where folk and tribal artists from across the world come to teach and showcase their art/craft/music and dance. We are an experimental centre where we are trying to push boundaries and encourage new ideas and methods. We encourage collaborations of all kinds and also facilita...
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