Background: Avani means ‘The Earth’ in Sanskrit. All our activities support the environment and the people of the area where we are working.

Avani has been working with integrating sustainable livelihoods and appropriate technology. The focus of our work has been creation of livelihood opportunities in remote rural areas where supplementary cash income for daily needs is very necessary for the families that continue to live in the villages. With decreased productivity of land and fragmented land holdings it is becoming more and more difficult for small farmers, traditional artisans and unskilled, landless wage earners to make a living while staying in the villages. Our work provides the choice to some families to have a source of income in their village through farm-based activities, traditional craft and appropriate technology. In its entirety, our work spreads across 71 villages in two districts of Bageshwar and Pithoragarh. Our main focus has been the capacity building of rural youth to manage all aspects of the different activities. Our team is entirely from villages where we work.
Through Avani’s work, solar technology has reached remote villages. More than 1500 rural families in about 228 remote hamlets and villages are now using solar lights. Our work has ensured that the community has the technical and the financial capacit...
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