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Bihar Journal: To Bhusara with Ambika for the Asia Society Sujni Design Workshop - 6th - 12th February 98

Tyabji, Laila

6th: Its 8 p.m. and we’re finally in the train to Muzaffarpur - en route to Bhusara for the Asia Society Sujni Design Workshop. As always there has been this crazy rush getting ready - with no proper time to psyche oneself into a proper state of creative inspiration and calm. The last three days I have been between Dastkar and the Crafts Council of India NGO meet, lumbered (the usual consequence of being punctual, literate and with a fairly good memory) with the task of moderating the Sub Committee on Policy, writing the minutes, and drafting the Memo to the Government. Somehow, in between, I bought threads and went fabric hunting for my sujni quilts - I’d had this fantasy of doing them on typical Bihar handloom gamcha material with the narrow rudraksha border running round the edges. Past experience suggested that MVSS would have no fabric - and that any threads would be leftovers, in those virulent shades of puce, pink, and turquoise that no one, even they, could want to use! Predictably, the Bihar Emporium didn’t have handloom gamchas and I eventually bought them from the Orissa one. Amrapalli, the Bihar Emporium (meant to be a showcase exclusively for handicrafts & handlooms from Bihar) did have Tangail sarees from Bengal, polyester raw silk, and - quite inexplicably - fiberglass crash helmets! I’d promised myself that today I would not go into office, and would have a peaceful leisurely, domest...
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