Business Advantage Through Design

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Business Advantage Through Design: NIFT, New Delhi

Bhatt, Jatin

DESIGN & PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT OF THE MORADABAD BRASSWARE INDUSTRY A Proposal by NIFT Accessory Design Department Background In 1997, Prof. Jatin Bhatt of NIFT presented an idea of making available professional design expertise to the ‘Handicraft’ (Brassware) Industry at Moradabad. The central problem being addressed through this initiative was that quality professionals are metro centered. It is extremely difficult to hire design and management professionals in smaller industrial townships such as Moradabad Geared completely towards the export market, there are around 1000 manufacturing units generating Rs.1600 crore per annum (in 1997). Specialized industries with high mechanization are supported by individual skilled workers to fulfill the market demand. The main markets are North America, Europe and Australia with subsidiary markets present in Canada, South Africa, Scandinavia and the Middle East. The idea underlying the project was the inherent value of design in the value chain of a product, essential in the products artistic worth and achieving its maximum net value. The project explored whether design could be applied to the industry to create conditions which would encourage a sustained competitive edge in the market. The project was based on a strong conviction that every form of knowledge is available in India and it is a question of a nodal agency bringing them together.
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