The Project: Reviving the embroidered art of the Chamba Rumal NGO: Delhi Craft Council Location: Chamba, Himachal Pradesh Duration: Started In 1995 and is continuing Sponsors: Delhi Crafts Council Project Coordinates: Usha Bhagat, Purnima Rai, Manjari Nirula of Delhi Crafts Council
Background  The embroidered art of Chamba rumals emerged in the princely hill states of Chamba, Basoli,Kangra and adjacent areas in present day Himachal Pradesh. Though practiced throughout the region, it came to be associated with Chamba because of the continued patronage by its rulers and the style and colors of the rumal which were influenced by the miniature painting traditions of Chamba. The rumal is the image of the painting in embroidery.
It is apparent from the rumals which have existed dating back to the 18th and 19th century that the drawings were made by the miniature artists and embroidered by women of the nobility who developed a high level of sophistication and stylization. The themes of the rumal were mainly religious, with special favor given to the raasmandal ...
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