Craft Design and Public Awareness

Craft, Handloom, Art, Design, Designers, Sustainability, Sustainable Devt.

Craft Design and Public Awareness

McComb, Jessie F.


“Design” is the new catch phrase among customers, retail storeowners, importers and now even artisans. The market for innovative design was once cornered by high-end retail boutiques in major metropolises but has now expanded to touch consumers both young and old. High school students now know the names of the latest handbag designers and beg their parents for originals that can cost hundreds of dollars. Even large department stores, once relegated to a status more shrouded by the concept of convenience than fashion, are focused on bringing affordable design to the masses. Some of these stores are even delving into issues of fair trade and handmade items, using good design to sell higher priced products.

In the world of craft, high design, handmade products have been the recent push among craft innovators the world round. Designers that show in some of the most well known, and most expensive, shops in Paris, London and New York are looking to artisans for production, and even inspiration. Fashion magazines, high-end mail order catalogs and even TV advertisements have begun highlighting or featuring high design craft. Handmade products have turned from tourist trinkets to tailor made fashion. However, the emphasis on cutting edge design and innovation has taken some of the emphasis off of the traditional aspects of craft. Craft supporters have been drawn to handmade products over the years for many reasons. Artisans are often the bearers of culture who pass traditions, both visual and ...
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