Craft Initiatives in Kutch

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Craft Initiatives in Kutch: Rehabilitation-A Replicable Model

FICCI, NIFT Care India


Background As part of the Disaster Management and Emergency Relief Operations in Kutch, post the January 2001 earthquake, CARE India and FICCI adopted 30 villages in three blocks of Anjar, Bhachau & Rapar in Kutch, Gujarat. They were committed to a broad based intervention that included areas such as health, housing, education and sustainable livelihood.

They approached National Intitiute Fashion Technology, New Delhi to develop a comprehensive livelihood package for the artisans affected by earthquake in these areas. Prof. Jatin Bhatt, Head of Accessory Design at NIFT visited the area twice along with Mr. Vipin Sharma, Director, Sead, CARE and his team to evaluate and identify the blocks and villages, based on a number of factors such as accessibility, responsiveness, socio economic climate and available skills and experience of the community. Reality did not always match expectations. Expecting to find over 200 potters in the surrounding villages, it was found the numbers had dwindled to 60-70 artisans, with pottery rapidly disappearing as a craft and means of livelihood.

The choices Many individuals and organisations, including NGOs, were working in the areasalready had their hands full with enormous commitments in the process of rehabilitation. NIFT set up its site office with fu...

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