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Daily Dump: Poonam Bir Kasturi's range of handcrafted products for home composting

Kasturi, Poonam Bir

Distribution: Where the product is currently available The product is currently available in Bangalore city, India What is it? Explain in non-technical terms the purpose of the project, the intended user and how it is to be used.Bangalore – a dump? Bangalore produces 2000 tonnes of wastes everyday. The centralized government composting plant can handle only 500 tonnes per day. The rest reaches dumps that are illegal. Till Bangalore gets a planned and efficient waste management programme, this situation is likely to continue. And the planned programme is nowhere in sight. The story today 70% of the waste generated in the average Indian urban home is organic wet waste. Bangalore had large houses with gardens and people composted in pits in their backyards. Now, they just throw the waste out onto the pile at the end of the road. The government tried to introduce a “Swacha Bangalore” campaign of collecting segregated waste at the doorstep. Our research revealed that citizens lost faith in this system once they saw that segregated waste is missed up again in the truck that transports the waste to the landfill site. Home composting – is it possible? We asked Bangalore homemakers about home comp...
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