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Design for Change: Five decades of an Indian challenge in awareness and education

Chatterjee, Ashoke

M N Buch Memorial Lecture Bhopal, October 5, 2015

It is a privilege to be here in Bhopal with Nirmalaji and so many who knew Mahesh Buch and shared his passion for this, his karmabhoomi. To transmit Bhopal to future generations as more liveable and more beautiful was both vision and mission for Mahesh. Bhopal linked much else that absorbed his life and career as a civil servant, leader, institution builder, thinker, writer and of course as a devoted family man for whom this city was not just a project but the space that embraced those dearest to him. On my first visit to his National Centre for Human Settlements & Environment, Mahesh took me straight from the railway station on a city tour. It had one focus: the green that he had helped bring back to this city. Every tree was his pride, reminding us today of the quality Mahesh wanted for his city, his state and his country. We are at a time when the whole world is being made aware of climate change as a threat to future generations. Mahesh understood that caring for the earth means caring for each other, and involving every aspect of human society. That ethic drove the life and work which we are here to remember and to honour. It is also the ethic that should drive design education, the subject of our reflection together this evening, wherever it is conducted. The dream  I first knew Mahesh and his dear brother Girish in Delhi when we were in ...
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