Display Challenges with Special Reference to  Decorative Arts Artifacts in the National Museum

Art history/ Historiography, Crafts, Handlooms, Art

Display Challenges with Special Reference to Decorative Arts Artifacts in the National Museum

Pathak, Anamika

Curator communicates with visitors through exhibition, which is the most essential activity of any museum. Putting up the exhibition, whether permanent or temporary, depends on two things, space for exhibition and understanding of exhibits. For the exhibition space, which is usually the infrastructural matter, curator's say is less in compare to understanding of exhibits, where curator's role is more crucial. Understanding of exhibits means the physical character of the artefact and its historical value, on which the exhibition's success or failure depends. Physical character means the material, texture and volume of exhibits, while history refers the historical background and cultural context. Curator weaves a story around exhibits by understanding all these aspects. Most of the art objects lost their cultural context once entered the museum. Therefore it becomes essential to understand; research, analyse these artefacts first and accordingly successful exhibition can be planned. This is one of the challenges for curators, while planning exhibition of any type of artefacts, whether sculptures, paintings, coins or decorative arts. Each category of artefact is different from each-other and has its own challenges while exhibiting them. However, exhibiting decorative arts artefacts is the most challenging and moreover less talked also, in compare to other type of artefacts. The reason of difference is that it deals with multiple nature of material, which is different not only from other category of artefacts, but within its own group. From soft to hard material and small...
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