Dyeing of Silk Yarn with Lac and Indigo

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Dyeing of Silk Yarn with Lac and Indigo: A Venture for Textile Industries with Quality Improvement

Mukherjee, Atish

Issue #002, Winter, 2019                                                                            ISSN: 2581- 9410 Abstract Natural dye has become very popular particularly in the foreign countries owing to their eco-friendliness and environment-friendliness. A few Indian traders are doing their export business exclusively on exportable handloom products dyed with natural dyes considering the fact that the price of the products may not be affordable for common people of our country. Before the synthetic dyes were introduced about 175 years back, natural dye was the only colorant in the world. It is very painful and unfortunate that popularity of natural dye has not yet reached the common people mainly due to the standard of washing and light fastness required for day to day laundering and drying. Though the dullness of natural dye is its inherent elegance, but is not liked by a class of people. Not only this reason is deemed as its drawback but also supply of raw materials for dyes as well as lengthy process of dyeing of natural colour are other reasons. Considering all these factors for the common interest of the silk exporters and customers of the country, the project was taken to develop the drawbacks by using only Lac & Indigo dye because of their beautiful colour and fastness quality and plenty of availability of the sources in nature. Natural dye product is very go...
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