Green Design and Bamboo Handicrafts

Entrepreneurship, Business Devt., Environment, Ecology, Compliance, Innovation, Contemporization, Technology

Green Design and Bamboo Handicrafts: A Scenario for Research and Action in the Asian Region

Ranjan, M P

Abstract Asia has the world’s largest resource of bamboo plants and an enormous resource of skills of working with bamboo for a variety of purposes. Rapid changes in the region’s economy is rapidly changing the way people of this region live, thereby leading to a loss of knowledge that is inherent in the Bamboo Culture that has developed over one million years of experience. Research initiative is urgently required to study and document what exists today before this enormous knowledge base disappears forever. Such a research will need a higher purpose to be coordinated and meaningful. Sustainable development that is eco-friendly is the premise that the new Bamboo Culture can serve the future development of the people of this region. New methodologies are needed to coordinate the research of a large variety of scientific disciplines and systems design and green design are suggested as a framework for this coordinated initiative. The research strategy and specific research and development initiatives have been outlined along with a preliminary identification of the various disciplines that need to be mobilised in a coordinated manner. The emerging sophisticated information technology tools need to be used to ensure effective networking and assimilation of knowledge resources that are critical for the success of this initiative. Also needed are the vast experience and knowledge in managing such an eff...
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