Jogi Folk Art

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Jogi Folk Art: In Conversation with Gopal and Teju

Arora, Radhika

Ganesh and Teju are renowned world over for their folk music and art. The couple are folk artists that belong to the Pauva caste, also known as Jogi or Bharathari. Traditionally they moved from place to place-singing traditional folk and devotional songs at dawn. Today, this multi-talented couple is known internationally for their music and a form of art unique to them and their family- Jogi Art.
Birth of Jogi Art Haku Shah, a famous Indian artist and anthropologist, is responsible for the couple’s initiation into art. He frequently lived in the village where Ganesh and Teju lived, and after about five or six years of noticing him in their village, Ganesh arranged to meet him through a common friend – this was almost thirty years ago.Ganesh’s meeting with Haku Shah developed into a long association between the two. After singing a bhajan for Haku Shah, he was given a paper and pen and asked to draw. That was Ganesh’s first drawing ever, and is published in a book on him called Gopal. A few years later, encouraged by Haku Shah once again, Ganesh was encouraged to bring his wife Teju to draw with him, and together the couple under Haku Shah’s guidance gave birth to an art form unique to them. What is Jogi Art? Jogi Art is a unique art form that is named aft...
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