Ladakh – A Landscape of Living traditions

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Ladakh – A Landscape of Living traditions

Seth, Dr. Manvi

The Poetics and Politics of Indian Folk and Tribal Art

Issue #005, Summer, 2020                                                                       ISSN: 2581- 9410

  Humans are cultural species. Culture is not a static thing but a dynamic one which grows and evolves. And there is no single form of it. It is manifested in tangible forms like manuscripts, monuments, paintings, sculptures, idols, textiles, things of everyday life, architectural splendours and so on and also in intangible forms like songs, dance, rituals, traditions, folk stories, legends, riddles, decorations, crafts, traditional knowledge about nature and universe, festivals, fairs etc. The present world is witnessing change in all spheres at an unprecedented pace. The cultural landscape is shifting and changing shape. This move is not limited to only physical shifting but is a move away from traditional way of life, continuity of culture, roots, identity and heritage. India is home to many tribes, communities, spaces and culture which are unique and offer diversity of way of life. Each of these communities are unique and hold together socio-cultural and artistic treasures. These are knowledge pools as everything else gets homogenized by the common yardstick of urbanization, globalization and such forces. Ladakh, known for its distinctive landscape located in northern most part of India is one of the highest inhabited pla...
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