Proposal for Action-Research in Developing Local Handloom Industry in West Bengal

Advocacy, Organisation, Institution, Movement, Policy, Sustainability, Sustainable Devt.

Proposal for Action-Research in Developing Local Handloom Industry in West Bengal: With the participation of Panchayati Raj


Introduction Handloom weaving continues in the 21st century to be the second largest occupation in the country after agriculture. Its potential for growth as a viable rural industry employing vast numbers is immense, if the necessary developmental impetus can be given to contemporize the industry in tune with social and market realities of the day. In recognition of this potential both Central and State Governments have since Independence put in place various delivery systems for state support to the industry, through the Office of the Development Commissioner, Handlooms under the Ministry of Textiles, NABARD, and the Ministry of Handlooms in West Bengal. The Ministry of Rural Development, Governmentt of West Bengal has now designated the handloom industry as one of the five rural industries to be supported as key generators of rural employment. However the ground reality of lack of co-ordination between the various agencies of the Government has meant that government support has in most cases neither reached the intended beneficiaries – the primary producers - nor has it succeeded in building the institutional support necessary for a vibrant and self-reliant industry.Background to the project Recognizing the need for active collaboration of agencies of State and Central Government with local panchayats and weaver organizations in order to promote the growth of the handloom industry, the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Government of India, has taken the ...
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