Siva-Parvati Woven Namavali Shawl

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Siva-Parvati Woven Namavali Shawl

Pathak, Anamika

Namavali shawl is the term used for those shawls, which illustrate the names of Hindu deities as repeats all over the field. The namavali shawls were the part of daily ritualistic textile tradition especially in the eastern part of India in the second half of nineteenth century. Intricately woven or artistically printed these shawls are like a chanting mantra appeared on its surface. The few famous mantras or names appeared in these shawls are 'Jai Sri Ram' 'Jai Sri Ram', 'Jai Durga' or different names of Durga. National Museum of New Delhi has several woven and printed Namavali shawls in its collection. The most outstanding one is the woven shawl, which illustrates the image of Siva-Parvati on both the end panels and an inscription all over the field. What are these Namavali shawls? Why are these made? Who are the users? These are some of the questions, which have been discussed in this paper.This woolen light green colored woven Namavali shawl depicts the inscription, Siva-Parvati image and an additional woven tape, which is stitched on vertical edges of the shawl.

Each end panel of namavali shawl depicts two images of Siva Parvati. They sit on lion s...

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