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Stores, Stations & Sites: The Emerging Craft Industry

McComb, Jessie F.

Here in America the months of November and December comprise our biggest and busiest holiday season. From Thanksgiving in late fall to Christmas in early winter, the local stores are filled with shoppers buying food, sweets and those all-important special presents. This time of year also brings about images of houses decorated with pine bows and red felt bows, lavish spreads of holiday cookies on carefully trimmed dining tables and fireplace mantles adorned with handmade ornaments and knitted Christmas stockings. Often it is only this time of year that people all over America release their otherwise dormant creative talents and enter whole heatedly into the world of craft.

In America, like India, crafting is steeped in tradition but always open to change. And the juncture of this tradition and change is never so apparently seen in America than during the winter holiday season. Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukah are some of the most traditional celebrations that Americans observe every year. There are stories, legends and customs that trace back to the founding of the country, not to mention the individual traditions that each family continues. Whether it is cooking certain dishes, saying certain prayers or making a holiday wreath together as a family, this season draws on traditions old and new. Over the years, as families become busier and people have less time to devote on hand crafted items and hand-made gifts for loved ones, a helping industry has flourished. Althou...
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