Sustainable Tourism

Sustainability, Sustainable Devt., Tourism

Sustainable Tourism: UNESCSO's Plan for India

Yang, Minja

Partners   :

Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Indian Rail, Ministry of Urban Planning; Ministry of the Environment and Forestry, State Governments concerned and UNESCO

Location   :

All India (pilot scheme to be launched in selected States)

Summary description: This partnership between the Ministries of Tourism, Culture and the Environment of the Union and State Governments of India and UNESCO aims to develop a Heritage passport and a sustainable heritage-based tourism label to be designated to hotels, guesthouses and restaurants willing to accept the Charter for Local Development through Heritage to be developed jointly by the partner institutions.

During the pilot phase of two years (2006-2007) the following activities will be undertaken:
  1. Develop a draft “Heritage Passport” and draft “Heritage Itinerary” (eg. World Heritage; Buddhist Route; Route of Faiths; Bird watching; Crafts Itinerary, Performing Arts, etc, to be determined with the State Authorities.

  2. Develop the draft “Charter for Local Development through Heritage Tourism” (t...

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