The Trinidad Project, promoted by the Crafts National Centre of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Property, and the UNESCO Regional Office of Culture, aims to train on the matters of Design and Commercialization, crafts men and women from Trinidad who have preserved and developed valuable craft expressions, mainly on weaving and embroidery, inherited from the Spanish settlements in the centre of Cuba between the XVII and XXth centuries. Thus, last November, 2005, the UNESCO Regional Office of Culture for Latin America and the Caribbean held in the city of Trinidad, the “Design and Traditional Crafts” Workshop. This workshop, where INNOVARTE proposed new lines of fashion products and home textiles for 2006, gathered together the most prestigious Cuban fashion designers, artisans and public figures in culture and crafts from all over the country. Activities:
  1. Diagnosis of the present situation in crafts textiles.
  2. Visits to sales points and local markets.
  3. Orientation on the creation of new products. Market trends.
  4. Work teams formed by craftsmen / women and local designers coming from the most relevant Cuban schools. Marga Crespo from INNOVARTE coordinated the groups and offered technical assistance. The teams worked, above all, on innovating two...
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