Begampur Saris of West Bengal

Textiles, Weaving, Spinning, Khadi

Begampur Saris of West Bengal

Begumpur is a town in Hooghly district of West Bengal. The weavers in Begumpur weave light-weight cotton saris in bright solid colours. Along with saris they also weave cotton dhotis. Earlier, weavers in Begumpur weaved saris using Mathapar technique which had a plain border without any ornamentation. Since mathapar sarees were not in high demand, their production gradually faded. 

Begumpur weavers started experimenting to revive their local industry. They introduced extra- weft in designs and unique colour combinations. In addition, they started using pit looms and frame looms, which helped increase their capacity of production. Today, Begampur sarees are identified by their contrasting borders which often have figured motifs. 



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