Coconut Shell, Fibre, Coir and Stem Products

Natural Fiber

Coconut Shell, Fibre, Coir and Stem Products

Coconut trees grow all over the coast line of Bangladesh and the versatile coconut is a fruit which is used in its entirety with not even a single part of it being wasted. From the coconut shell products like bowls, vases, tea pots, masks and hookahs are crafted. Lamp stands encased in brass, dolls and toys decorated with beads and coloured threads, baskets and mats are all made from this very versatile abundantly available natural resource. Their convenience and reasonable prices make mats made from coconut stems a popular item widely used for sitting, sleeping, and making the walls of huts. Very often light and dark leaves are interwoven to create intricate patterns. The mats are soft, light, and cool, and have a glossy surface.

Coir Fibre was used traditionally used in Bangladesh to make twines and doormats; with design innovation its usage has now extended to the making of beautiful carpets and prayer rugs.

Simple tools such as hacksaws and knives are used to craft the products, while varnish is used for the final finish.


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