Dhurries of Andhra Pradesh

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Dhurries of Andhra Pradesh

Dhurries are made widely in Warangal in Andhra Pradesh. They are made in a wide variety of shades, either with contrasting borders or with simple motifs woven into the body. The horizontal looms of Warangal and Parkal are used for making shatrangis, the local name for dhurries. The artisans weave the designs on vertical looms.

Warangal durries continue to be hand woven by the Padmasali communities who have been associated with this craft for over a century and more. In this traditional occupation knowledge has been passed down the generations through oral transmission and apprenticeship. The durries are woven on pit looms and on frame looms which are equipped with treadles to enhance speed while ensuring detail and retaining the intricate patterning. The weavers in addition use the weft interlocking techniques. Of their vivid color combinations the red and blue continue to be popular. The designs often have a varied texture with raised patterns on a flat weave. Warangal durries are in wide demand due to their handmade process, use of color and their patterning.The makers have adapted their durries to include a wide variety of fibers like jute, cotton and wool to suit the domestic and international market. However the special feature of the geometric and angular motif pattern of the Warangal durries remains unchanged.


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