Jewellery and Jewelled Objects of Uttarakhand

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Jewellery and Jewelled Objects of Uttarakhand

Gold and silver jewellery play an important role in the daily attire of the women in Uttarakhand. It acts as a significant social and economic trademark of the people, which has developed as an important form of art over ages. Artists and goldsmiths who practice this traditional art have created a niche for themselves in making conventionally exquisite ornaments. Done mostly on gold, silver and copper, these ornaments are an important representation of the culture of Uttarakhand. The artists and goldsmiths of the region have managed to retain the authenticity of the designs made by them, till present.

Nose ring is an important ornament in the hills which is presented to the bride on the day of her wedding by her maternal uncle. Other products famously made by the craftsperson’s are Hasli, an ornament worn around the neck, is made of silver and gold, adorned with beads which can be changed to match the attire. Bullack is a kind of nose ring which is worn in the centre of the nostrils. Murkhelai, is a form of earring which has red and black beads hanging from it. These beads may vary in size depending upon the comfort and budget of the individual.


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