Madur Mats

Natural Fiber

Madur Mats

In warm, humid climates, the mat is the most popular floor covering to sit or to sleep on. Variations in local climate, materials, ways of life and traditions in different region and among different ethnic groups have lent a rich variety of shapes, forms and textures to both mats and basketry and a great diversity in the manner of their use in Bangladesh. One of the most popular of the mats produced is the madur.

The madur mat production is an organized industry by weavers of the Mahishya caste and is mainly woven in the Midnapur district. Here the madur grass is steeped in water for a minimum of twenty-four hours and then sliced to the required thickness after which it is dyed red. The mat is woven on a simple bamboo frame loom, the warp is cotton thread and the weft a soft thin reef, madur kathi. Three types of madur mats are woven ekhrokha, dorokha and masland. The Masland mat is a very fine textured and made of carefully selected reeds with beautiful geometric design woven on it.


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