Nirmal Toys and Craft of Telangana

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Nirmal Toys and Craft of Telangana

Nirmal Toys are unique because of their natural forms, light weight and durability. They are mainly crafted by hand except for the cutting machine that is used for cutting the wood in the initial stage of production. The skilled craftsmanship of the artisans and the use of instruments like “taapi” and “tochan” are special features of these toys.

The production process involves:

Seasoning of the wood

Cutting of the wood

Joining of parts (using “chintambali”)



Application of “paatu”(a mixture of tamarind seed paste and water), which is used to coat fine cotton cloth; this reinforces the joints of the articles. “Paatu” is then applied on the entire body of the toys with the help of a “taapi”. This layer of cloth and “paatu” ensure that no cracks appear in the joints later.

Application of “suddamatti” (clay found on riverbeds or near canals), water and gum on the form with hair brushes.


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