Tikuli Art of Bihar

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Tikuli Art of Bihar

Tikuli or Bindi made up of gold and silver foils on solid glass was once a flourishing trade during medieval;l times and Patna, Bihar being the Centre. Due t gradual loss of royal patronage this art almost became extinct. Tikuli Art owes its revival to the famous painter Upendra Maharathi.

Originated more than 800 years ago in the Patna District of Bihar. The word ‘Tikuli’ is derived from the word ‘Tikli’ which is a dot like embellishment with glass base and gold foils in a variety of designs used by most of married women for adorning their forehead. The making of Tikuli Involves melting of glass, blowing into  a thin sheet and making and adding traced pattern in natural colors. Afterwards it is embellished with gold foils and jewels. In the olden times, Tikulis were mainly  used by queen and aristocrat women. Beautiful hand crafted Tikulis were revered as proud possessions of the women.

Now a days, the art of Tikuli making has been fused with Madhubani Paintings to make decorative wall plates, coasters, table mats, wall hanging, trays, pen stands and other utility items. This has increased the facets of this art and the scope of creativity for the artists. the fusion  has not only created a new charm to the art but has also imparted an economic value to the produce.


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