Preface This study is being undertaken to facilitate the revival of the dying craft of the Blue Pottery of Delhi. The broad objective of the study is to analyse the origin and the present status of the craft, current socio-economic conditions of the craftsperson, and the major problems and challenges affecting the growth and development of Blue Pottery of Delhi in particular, and the craft sector, in general. 1. Synopsis Blue Pottery of Delhi is one of the many languishing crafts of India of India. It is a distinct stoneware pottery a with rich glazed blue surface, and beautifully painted Mogul motifs in shades of blue and other colours as accents, on a clear, white body. The craft is of Persian descent, brought to India by the Pathan rulers, who got artisans from Persia to make glazed blue tiles and jalis to adorn their magnificent architecture. Once a flourishing craft, Blue Pottery of Delhi is today on the verge of extinction; with only one practising craftsman left, the future of the craft seems uncertain. There are many problems enveloping the craft: problems pertaining to design development and transfer of skill; lack of proper marketing, declining demand; non availability of good quality raw material; want of incentives from the government, etc. This study tries to analyse the situation and bring to the fore the issue threatening the existence of the craft. Study Areas and Methodology Study areas:
  • Geographical location of the area
  • Historical background of the craft and the...
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