Global InCH Journal: 1999 onwards,
The Global InCh Journal has over 500 essays that have been uploaded from 1999 onwards. Their listing is in the section on All Readings
This Journal Archive lists essays uploaded only after 2019

Issue 1, Summer 2019
Stimulating thought, multiplying discussion, and debate.  

Issue 2, Monsoon 2019
Access the world of ideas, opinions, deliberations and commentaries.

Issue 3, Autumn 2019
For Research and Inspiration

Issue 4, Winter 2020
By Design: Sustaining Culture in Local Environments
Edited by Dr. Eiluned Edwards this special edition has a collection of essays that emerged from an India-UK International Partnership funded by the British Academy

Issue 5, Summer 2020
The Poetics and Politics of Indian Folk and Tribal Art
Edited by Minhazz Majumdar these essays go beyond art objects by examining contexts of creation and the maker’s creativity to build a deeper understanding of the subject.

Issue 6, Autumn 2020
Guest Editor: Judy Frater
The essays in this issue examine educational paradigms where traditional oral learning and apprenticeships have been deepened and extended through the layering-on of formal educational for artisans.

Issue 7, Winter 2021
Guest Editor: Meeta Mastani
With a focus on hand block-printed textiles the 13 essays and one video in this edition approach this vast subject from differing angles, bringing in a new perspective to an ancient craft.

Issue 8, Summer 2021
Two sections form this issue. Section I: Teaching Craft Heritage in Schools : Guest Edited by Pooja Ratnakar the 7 sharply focussed essays discuss aspects of the topic. Section II:  General interest views and essays for our readers

Issue 9, Winter 2022
This issue includes essays that focus on a range of themes from cultural and creative industries, historiography, fashion, sustainable futures, endangered traditions and revival to notes from the field In India and from Argentina