Credit Flow to the Handloom Sector

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Credit Flow to the Handloom Sector: Appraisal of the Current Scenario

Kanitkar, Dr. Ajit

For PUTTING IDEAS FIRST XII, a monthly discussion series on crafts, aesthetics, sustainable livelihoods and advocacy Dr. Ajit Kanitkar gave a talk on the Credit Flow to the Handloom Sector: Appraisal of the Current Scenario on Tuesday, 27th June, 2006 at India International Centre.

The talk was based on an exploratory study was funded by All India Artisans and Craftworkers Welfare Association (AIACA) and conducted by Dr. Kanitkar. Objective of the Study
  • Map the current status/ reality with respect to credit flow. Planned vs. actual current flow

  • Current processes – practices

  • Estimate demand and supply

  • Map perceptions and experiences as experienced by weavers and their organizations

Datasource/ Methodology
  • Primary Sources: Slice/ Cross Section of all stakeholders – National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) Head and Regional Offices, Office of the Development Commissioner (Handlooms) and regional offices, Weaver Cooperatives, Individual Weavers, Traders, Bankers.

  • Secondary Sources: Books, Government Census and Reports (especially the 1995 handloom survey published in 2004) and Other Research Studies
  • Over 25 lakh ho...

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