Handloom Weaving in Waraseoni

Crafts, Handlooms, Art, Design, Designers, Innovation, Contemporization

Handloom Weaving in Waraseoni: Innovation in a Cluster

Mishra, Kundlata

The heritage that still dwindles, A respect - new found… The deft use of the hand and the loom, To ink the yards of the weave…

If you have not heard of Waraseoni you would probably miss it on the map or even while pottering around in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Its a small town in the Balaghat district with a population of 24,757 comprising of 50% of male and 50% female population with maximum literacy rate(as per Indian census 2011).

Waraseoni finds itself on the world map owing to the popularity of its traditional cotton saress and present silk handloom fabrics. Waraseoni art is clothed in the sensitivity of its design & centuries of mysticism. The intricacies of the design bear a testimony to the craftsmens love for his customs and rituals.The intricate hand embroidery on cotton and silk adds to its demand. Foraying into the diverse market of sarees, dupattas, kitchenware, dress material has also added to Waraseoni's credentials. The art is steeped in the beauty of its surrounding with exquisite motifs and designs. Instruments of music, that beats to the rhythm of life; the music that arises and awakens the spirit and infuses reverence towards the fabrication of handlooms;the tempo of the weft against the bass of the warp.A place where design...
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