Interview with Designer Anjali Kalia

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Interview with Designer Anjali Kalia

Nath, Deeksha

Recognizing the role traditional handlooms and designs play in contemporary fashion, we are starting a series of interviews with fashion designers. We ask a set of questions to which the designers send their responses. We will intersperse these with interviews with the crafts persons to get both sides of the process being examined.  
As a designer do you employ craft techniques and processes in your art? Yes I do, because I feel, especially in our cultural context, craft and design is inter-related and complementary to each other. Which crafts have you worked with? Since the last 10 years, ever since I started to contribute to the fashion industry as a professional, I have worked with crafts. These vary from the omnipresent Zardozi, Badla, and Thread work to the more unique embroideries, weaves, natural dying, block printing etc exclusive to our country. I have documented Paithani and Dharmavaram Saris while at NIFT. More recently, I conducted design and technical w...
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