The Pitfalls and the Prosperity of Using the Internet

Op-Ed, Technology

The Pitfalls and the Prosperity of Using the Internet

McComb, Jessie F.


As the 21st century gets well underway and we breech the first half of the first decade of this new millennium, the truth that we are deep within the technological age has finally set. With Internet capabilities reaching far beyond first world countries and the possibilities of on-line communication, research, buying and selling delivering new opportunities into the hands of billions, technology seems like the answer to all our multi-cultural handcraft prayers. However, like all seemingly perfect tools and opportunities there are pitfalls and faults that users should know about before diving headfirst into the e-age.

With web based tools like E-bay (predated by failed companies like Eziba and others) and Google's recently launched beta trail of Google Base, selling craft on-line has become easier then ever. With a little training these tools allow craft producer and craft organizations to sell their goods directly to consumers from anywhere in the world with little knowledge of web design or publishing. The makers of these web tools have even provided the sellers with easy ways to collect money from buyers without having to set up individual credit card processing systems. Sounds airtight, right? Well E-bay and Google have set up systems that work well for domestic sellers but leave many unanswered queries for international producers that are more familiar working with importers and large buyers. Small craft producers will still have to deal with the same issues they did wh...
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