Warli Paintings

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Warli Paintings: A Hidden Faith. In conversation with Subhash Nathu Sutar

George, Ligi

Introduction Warli has been described as the art of the living. Unlike other folk traditions, it depicts not epics nor mythologies but the daily struggles and successes of the warli people, their lives dictated by climatic and seasonal changes. Austere in appearance, of stark palette, the paintings are neither. They are joyous and energetic, a celebration of life.
Mr. Subhash Nathu Sutar learnt the art from his father, Mr. Nathu Devu Sutar. Theirs is one of the few houses in their village still employed in making warli art. Shri Nathu Devu Sutar has achieved national and international recognition for the finesse of his paintings. At 21, Subhash has always been enamoured by this art which has been practiced in his family for generations. But recognising the lack of income that can be generated solely by painting he is pursuing his Bachelors degree in Marathi and Communicative English from Vadkun College in Karndikar in Maharashtra.
As an artist Shri Subash Nathu Sutar, known for his unique designs, has been invited to fairs in Nagpur, Hydrabad, Pune and Delhi to exhibit his art. Warli is the name of a tribe which resides in Thane district in Maharashtra, north of Mumbai. The main villages where this tribe is located are Dahanu, Talasari, Mokhada, Vada and Palghara. Artist Subash N. Sutar's village Raith...
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