Ananthoo is the mentor and co-founder of India Hand-Made Collective and Tula Organic Clothing.

Trained as a Telecom Engineer he worked in the Telecom and IT sector till 2006 when he returned from Switzerland back to India. No longer working on any monetarily gainful employment he works only on social causes, predominantly on safe food, slow clothing and sustainable agriculture.

Along with a few friends he works with small and marginal farmers helping them move to sustainable farming. to help sell their organic produce they started a volunteer run non-profit organic retail outlet in Chennai called- Restore ( An extension of this is the not-for-profit, hub & spoke model, which takes accessible safe organic food to more places, especially to the  middle and low income groupsis OFM- Organic Farmers Market (

Ananthoo is also associated with the Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture- ASHA, a national network of farmers organisations, unions, NGOs, activists and individuals working on sustainable agriculture and farmer’s livelihoods.  (

He works with cotton farmers to help them grow cotton organically, procure it, hand spin, hand weave, natural dye, manually stitch and then sell the garments, ploughing the margins back into these livelihoods.( and (
An extension of this being a collective of various groups across India working with handmade artisans called India HandMade Collective (

He writes on farmers issues, world trade impacts on Indian agriculture, safe food and other ecological issues in Tamil Hindu, Dinamalar, Vikatan.