Danielle was born immersed in the world of fashion that she inherited from her mother Olga Piedrahita. Since she was little, she observed with eyes and hands wide open, until she made the decision to study industrial design at the Universidad de los Andes. Her natural inclination towards creation and multiple creative disciplines also lead her to look into the world of literature. With this unusual training, upon finishing her undergraduate degree she went to live in Jaipur India. There she worked with Sanjay Kasliwal from “The Gem Palace” and she found her other passion: jewellery.

Since 2007 she returned to work at the “Casa Olga Piedrahita” from where she has created her action platform: Design and production of creative projects around fashion, photography and jewelry.

Among the projects that she has carried out, the collaboration with the photographer Ruven Afanador for more than 7 years stands out. At his side, he has produced 3 photography workshops in co-production with the Universidad de los Andes and Jorge Tadeo Lozano, photographed great Colombian musical talents such as Carlos Vives, Aterciopelados or Chocquibtown, produced a Country Brand campaign, among many others.

From the “Olga Piedrahita house” and in co-creation with the designer, they have held photography and fashion events with the work of the master Leo Matiz, or Beat Presser and collaborated with other talents, such as Rohka, Carla Fernández, Bazz de Grant, etc Her house in a living space that mutates like her own interests, which are nourished by so many talents that pass through the place. Always a wardrobe space, a crossroads between imagined fashion and so many other creative languages: illustration, cooking, art, painting, jewelry, etc.

Danielle is a well-rounded creative who has the talent to be soul-in-the-heaven and down-to-earth. In the projects she does executive and creative production and in others she does textile design or styling. In the design line of her products that she treasures, she explores artisan techniques from the country and through her platform, she wants to make the client take a good look, hopefully twice, that each piece has more than one story to tell. ; country and root stories that contribute to the GLOCAL concept (Global + local).