Pawar, Shama

Pawar, Shama

An Artist, Conservationist, Designer, Pro-Activist, Social Impact Leader

Shama’s realization of how tall India stood as a country in terms of heritage was at an early age. It led to her lifelong journey of working on conservation with the community. In 1995, her undeterred commitment began with a multitude of projects at the historic settlement of Anegundi of Hampi World Heritage Area.

She has created proofs of concepts that integrate conservation, creativity and livelihoods through a holistic approach. She continues to run and direct holistic programs that encompass solid wate management, planting and maintaining of trees, developing crafts based on locally available materials, vernacular architecture, zero plastic events, awareness regarding environment and heritage amongst youth and children.

These projects have impacted Socio -Economic and Environmental ecosystems. Shama calls this model Rural Development in a Heritage Setting which urges one to look at the impact that any activity be it an event, economic venture or skilling that takes place in a region that has a specific social, visual and environmental  identity.

Livelihood through Creative and Cultural Industries:

  • Setting up of a non-traditional cottage industry (Banana Fibre) that has become the craft identity of the region
  • Creating a livelihood opportunity from water hyacinth craft something that is a threat to the marine environment
  • By creating partnership between The Kishkinda Trust and Educational institutes Shama continues to work on new ways of strengthening of agrarian economy for the region as a proof of concept.
  • She is currently working with some smaller regional clusters towards strengthening agrarian and creative projects.
  • Introduction of creative education summer program for local children which gives them exposure to newer horizons within the area that they live in.


  • Creating a dynamic model for conservation that allows for restoration of the visual identity of a destination. Integrating concepts like adaptive reuse to create facilities
  • Environmental conservation by reinforcing the riverbanks by forestation and recreating the mythical forests of Kishkinda. The themed forests also allow for growing of resources through plantations that result in livelihood opportunities for the future and provide ecological mobility options through tree covers pathways.
  • Facilitating conservation of Gagan Mahal Anegundi, which was done by Deccan Heritage Foundation
  • Conservation of the South Gate (Talwarghatta) of the historical settlement of Anegundi through CSR

Responsible Tourism:

  • Created and continues to create tourism models that have a positive impact on the destination and also throw light on the local traditions in terms of food and culture, local traditional architecture.
  • As a part of District Tourism Committee and Convenor of INTACH has addressed pressures of growing population, their aspirations, footfall of pilgrims and tourists, through suggestions to Govt and communities by developing Integrated plans towards responsible tourism.
  • Designs and concepts provided for the Craft Tourism village scheme of the Ministry of Textile GOI
  • Execution of the Rural Tourism Project with GOI and Endogenous Tourism Scheme with UNDP

The Kishkinda Trust, Anegundi, HAMPI – Founder & MD (1997 – PRESENT)

INTACH Anegundi-Hampi ChapterConvener (2007 – PRESENT)

Uramma Cultural Residency, Anegundi — Social Entrepreneur & Director (2012 – PRESENT)