Black Smithing – Garzo


Black Smithing – Garzo

Bhutan has a strong tradition of working with iron to manufacture iron goods such as farm tools, knives, swords and utensils. Each district has an ironsmith who manufactures and repairs goods for local use.

Today, many tools and hardware are coming from India.

Every district will have a black smith. Wochu, in Paro District has a lot of ironwork
as has Khaling.

Knives, swords, spades, sickles, axes, shoes for horses, horse bridles, stirrups, agricultural tools, metal tips for arrows, ploughs.

Metal Torch
Made of iron, it was used during warfare. It serves a dual purpose: as a torch to hold fire; the water at the bottom of the receptacle prevented the metal from heating. And if the need arose, when swung around, the water would extinguish the fire, allowing the torch to be used as a weapon of self-defence.

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