Camel Leather Craft of Rajasthan


Camel Leather Craft of Rajasthan

Bikaner, one of the three main destinations in the tourist desert circuit of Rajasthan is known as camel country as the camels here are said to be best in the world for riding purposes. Bikaner also boasts of the largest Camel research and breeding farm in the World which was initiated by the central government. The National research center for Camel not only researches the camel, and in all its aspects – hair and milk etc.

Bikaner has also been known for the use put to camel skin including the crafting of handmade objects.

The community of dapgars process the skin of camel to make traditional Rajasthani drums and camel skin decorative items from bottles, vases, bowls etc. There is only one traditional dapgar family in Bikaner still processing the camel skin for usage. They make objects like flasks, bottles and vases from camel skin. The objects made by them are used bythe well known Usta community to paint them in Gesso or Usta kaam.

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