Cane and Bamboo Craft / Maniche Kaam of Goa

Cane, Bamboo

Cane and Bamboo Craft / Maniche Kaam of Goa

Traditionally, the Mahar community makes bamboo products that are used by fishermen for functional purposes. Bamboo is locally available, in Pernem, Bicholim, Bardez, Tiswadi, and Sattari districts of Goa while the craft is practiced in the South Goa districts of  Madgaon and Cuncolim; and the  North Goa districts of Porvorim, Pernem, Bicholim and Mangueshi. The products are available in the weekly markets and in all the markets across Goa.

To craft the bamboo the craftsmen soak the bamboo for two or three days in sea water for seasoning, it is then sun-dried. When completely dry it is segmented. The outermost layer of the bamboo or skin is removed completely. The pith inside is removed and used as fuel. The bamboo is then cut into strips. These strips are further cut into splits that are used for weaving the basket. The baskets are made only with the inner part. The tools used are basic and include the Koyto-large knife and the Sun or small blunt knife. To colour the splits, chemical colours are boiled in water, and the strips are left in this solution for half an hour and dried.

A huge range of utility products like baskets, boxes, flower vases, winnowing trays, chicken baskets, grain baskets, partitions, fans, and mats are made from bamboo strips in Goa.


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