Cane and Bamboo of Uttarakhand

Cane, Bamboo

Cane and Bamboo of Uttarakhand

Bamboo is a widely available grass which is very handy to use. It grows easily on marginal and wastelands and replenishes itself within 6 months. it is versatile and can be used to build an entire house as well as weave as small a basket. Bamboo plantations conserve soil and water and improve soil;l fertility and local climate.

Bug bamboo which is generally called Boans are traditionally not cultivated by the villagers of Uttarakhand owing to the superstitions associated with it being used to carry the dead to the cremation ground,.

Village artisans design and weave bamboo baskets and winnows of various sizes and shapes each fulfilling the needs of specific farming activities, right from sowing, harvesting, and collecting to drying and storing.  The user often seals some of them with a coat of local cow dung, these baskets are sold further afield through local shopkeepers in market centers. Other itmes such as the baskets. winnows, hand fans are made out of the bamboo products and sold to the local community and the others.



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