In Nepal, though the terracotta tradition goes back more than three millennium, the introduction of glazes and the porcelain craft is relatively new. Unlike other countries in South Asia, earthenware products were rarely used for cooking or for eating; metal was always the material of choice in Nepal.

With the technique of lead-free glazing being introduced, an expanding product line of useful and decorative items, along with a whole new range of crockery items, are now available for both the local and export market.

Nepalese potters now produce a variety of quality ceramic products. The new range of products includes contemporary tableware and household utility items. Unusual glazes and pottery resembling stoneware – all lead free and of food grade standard – are now available.

Recently, efforts have also been made to produce porcelain products utilising kaolin found in different parts of Nepal.

The location of both the ceramic and porcelain craft is in the Kathmandu Valley itself.


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