Embroidery of Kutch, Gujarat


Embroidery of Kutch, Gujarat

Gujarat is known for its embroidery in a variety of style and technique which is unique and diverse to other states. A woman based craft embroidery is done on ‘cholis’ and ‘ghagras’ but also on items decorating their houses, such as chaklas, wall hangings, pillow covers, quilts etc. There is perfect harmony and distribution of the colours. Applique of ‘katab’ is another form of decorative needlework which women prepare for special uses. The rich embroidery work of Bhuj, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar and Ahmadabad districts is famous in Gujarat.

Different styles of embroidery developed as pastoral communities migrated to various parts of Gujarat. From Patan’s Ari stitch and Saurashtra’s Sadhu embroidery to the exquisite Suf, Meghwal, Rabari and Jat needlework of Kachchh, each community is identified by its own distinct style of embroidery. A tradition passed on from mother to daughter during leisure hours, embroidery brings vitality to an otherwise monotonous backdrop in the semi desert regions of Gujarat.


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