Hmaram is an elaborately decorated traditional fabric originating from Mizoram. It is a handmade shawl and an essential part of every Mizo woman’s wardrobe. It is worn like a short skirt and is draped around the waist. Hmaram is also the oldest patterned textile of the Lusei tribe, who have a special attachment to the shawl because of its legacy of customary designs and patterns. The artists weave beautiful motifs, often inspired by nature and the local surroundings. Mizo craftspeople are greatly aware and influenced by the flora around them and try to replicate them on their textiles. Unlike many other Mizo textiles, this cloth is of single-loom width. It is woven on a loin loom or handloom, using handspun indigo-dyed and natural white cotton. The industry and manufacturing units of Hmaram are mainly located in Aizwal, capital of Mizoram. It is most commonly worn during festive dances and official ceremonies.

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