Jewelley in Sikkim is made in silver and gold, but the really famous product is the bangle made of seven metals. The Sikkimese use precious and semi-precious stones in their chains, bracelets, ear rings, watches, and other ornaments.

Uniqueness of metal casting in Sikkim holds to the fact that a prototype model is created which is perfected in features and expression that are hand carved. The popular metal casted object is Buddhist figurine or more famous as Ku usually made in copper using lost wax casting. Unlike the figurines produced in rest of India these objects have distinct Mongolian features and motifs. Once the prototype model is perfected a wax mould for the same is created to produce several wax models for casting.

The three ethnic groups of Sikkim namely Lepcha, Nepali and Bhutia intermingle freely even with their different hues forming a homogenous blend. There cultures have produced a unified Sikkimese culture that stands apart from other states of India. Each community just like their costumes have particular traditional jewellery a mark to their community and tribe.

Bhutia Jewellery Nepalese Jewellery
Earring- Yencho Tiara- Sir bandi
Necklace- Khao Necklace- Kantha
Pearl ornament- Phiru Pearl Necklace- Naugeri
Gold bangle- Diu Other Type of necklace- Charanihari
Ring- Joko Golden pendant with green bead- Tilhari
Nose-ring- Bulaki
Nose-pin- Dungri
Tik mala or Chandrahaar
Ear-ring- Chepti son, Gadwari,
Bracelet- Chura of silver
Silver Anklet- Kalli



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