Leather Jutti / Footwear of Haryana

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Leather Jutti / Footwear of Haryana

The juttis of Haryana are sewn out of locally cured leather and then either made-up as plain sturdy footwear or ornamented.I n the two well known centers they specialize in one or the other style of jutti.

In Hissar they specialize in the sturdy and hard-wearing unadorned juttis locally called desi jutti. Used mainly by laborers, construction workers and farmers, both men and women, for their daily work. These juttis have a one-piece upper of thick hide that is further reinforced for strength at the heel with appliqué, while the sole is made from several layers of buffalo hide that are stitched with thick cotton thread. They come in two varieties –munde or round toe shaped and the ghuni or pointed jutti.

The more ornate tilla juttis with their uppers adorned  with silk, metal embroidery, beads, and designs done in appliqué and with thin leather pieces of different colours and are made in the round-toe, pointed-toe and curled-toe variety.

The designs are extremely delicate and the colours used are vivid ones. Made in Jatia Mohalla, Rampura village, Odhi Village, Bolni Qutubpur in  Rewari and Jhajjar district the specially sophisticated and expensive juttis are made in black leather that is embroidered with gold wire.

An equally colorful item is the embroidered knuckle pad. While the Tokni or water container is made to order.


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