Musical Instruments and Sound Objects of West Bengal

Musical Instruments, Sound Objects

Musical Instruments and Sound Objects of West Bengal

West Bengal has a rich musical heritage. With music comes a variety of musical instruments. Rural as well as urban community see music as an integral part of their life. Music is a part of day to day life for a farmer who is padding husks, in a marriage ceremony and any day to day ritual in common household.

Bengal has a vast tradition of folklore singers knowns as bauls and phakirs. Each community of these singers have their special instruments that they play. In the hill station of Darjeeling, community of Bhutia singers use ornate trumpets with a flared megaphone made of metal. A trumpet known as thanchen, is made by Bhutias, which is used by monks for their ritual music and dance.

Drums known as srikhols, ghungroos, nupur, and metal cymbals of different sizes known as mandira are  played Vaishnav Bairagis.

Bauls use self made instruments which are very simple in construction.

The Rajbongshis play folk music on do -tara.

Som of the folk instruments are:

  1. Banam
  2. Bena
  3. Dhak
  4. Dhol
  5. Do-Tara
  6. Ek-tara
  7. Khamok
  8. Madol
  9. Makha/Banashi
  10. Sarinda/Sarinja


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