Narayanpet Silk Saris of Andhra Pradesh

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Narayanpet Silk Saris of Andhra Pradesh

Narayanpet is a town, 70 km away from Mahbubnagar in Telangana.  The origin of the Narayanpet Saree can be traced back to the period around 1630 AD.  The saree is a fine count cotton saree normally woven with 60’s–80’s yarns both in the warp and weft. Small extra warp geometrical designs are woven in the border with zari/art silk. These sarees are woven on fly shuttle pit looms fitted with the lattice dobby.

Various types of colourful silk saris, with intricate brocade work in silk and zari, are woven at Narayanpet. As the silk threads are not of a very high count, the saris are both light-weight and festive.


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