Unlike the drier regions of the Subcontinent, the climatic conditions of Bangladesh did not lend itself to a flourishing tradition of printed textiles. Although some printed fabrics are now being produced in Dhaka, Comilla, and Rajshahi in response to local demands, the best of Bangladesh’s textile remains the variety of woven fabrics. Printed cottons, for household use and for garments, are a relatively new phenomenon in Bangladesh. The traditional colours are red, black and yellow prints on a cream or grey background, the motifs chosen are generally floral and leafy. In recent years the design and the colour combinations have become varied and more attractive.

The limited availability of silk in Bangladesh has, of necessity, restricted its use. The abiding favourite remains the garod sari with its sophisticated cream background and striking red or green border, edged with an intricate pattern of lines and triangles. Printed silk saris are also being made in a wide selection of colours and patterns, both modern and traditional.


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