Sandal Wood Carving of Delhi


Sandal Wood Carving of Delhi

Sandalwood-carving is done with a lot of precision and is considered to be an auspicious job given its scarcity and high value, its fragrance. Sandal wood carving involves intricate detailing as the pieces are not large of length and require assembling if made in large size with the articles invariably carved with extremely elaborate patterns consisting of interlacing of foliage and scroll work.  The products  include miniature and larger size models of the Taj Mahal, Qutab Minar and other monuments, ships, chariots, photo frames, mirror frames, key chains etc

Sandalwood carving is the craft that the ivory carvers of Delhi turned to with the ban on ivory in 1989. Sandalwood carried a special aura and was the choice of raw material that the carvers turned too using simple yet fine tools that include chisels/ Kattra, files/Reti, vice, hammers and aari/ saw

Only about five to seven craftsmen practicing this craft in Delhi and are located in  Sitaram Gali  and Sheesh Mahal Bazaar in Old Delhi.

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